Thank you Internet

Christmas is time to say thank you. Saying thank you is actually something I really like. Even though I feel all of us need to say that more often.
Today I would like to say thank you to the internet. The internet saves me every day, fixing a lot of my bad qualities, also I would be probably unemployed without this wonderful place.
So: Thank you internet! Thanks to all those developers who make it this awesome place.

Thank you Feedly, for putting my stream of news so comfortable in one place.
Thank you Twitter, for connecting me with a lot of people I never would have met in the meatworld.
Thank you Mindmeister for putting my thought in a presentable canvas.
Thank you Evernote, Trello and Wunderlist for being my memory system.
Thank you and for giving me beautiful color paterns.
Thank you Google for your Docs-Services so I don’t need to think about operation systems or files anymore and let me work seamlessly on ever device I have (and I have a lot).
Thank you Leo for language help.
Thank you Facebook, for updating me about my friends live even if I don’t have time to call.
Thank you Dropbox for 1,09TB free space (I don’t even know how this happened …).
Thank you Mailbox and your „send this mail again later“ functionality.
Thank you Deezer for being there for me in every mood.
Thank you Swype and Dragon for making the typing experience on touch devices at least a bit better (please Internet – FIX THAT SOON!).
Thank you Wikipedia for quitting family discussions about facts to quickly (very usefull in the holidays).
Of course there are also the bad sides of the internet, but I never was a negative person, so they (and the bad sides of the previous named) will stay unnamed here. Instead I would like to thank all those Snowden/Manning-like minded people, those Beckedahls and Gillens for fighting for this great wired place and showing us how to handle the beast!

One thought on “Thank you Internet

  1. Lela Erlenwein

    Hey Jenni!
    Mein Gast heute geht extra ins CCH, um an der CCC teilzunehmen, um dann zu berichten, wie es mit der Sicherheit im Netz weiter geht. Damit nicht bald jeder den anderen abhören kann, sofern er ein Handy besitzt und die nötige Information dazu.
    Ich mag mein Handy immer noch, und bin dankbar, dass ich es habe.

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